Do you think that how you feel counts more than your age? Do you think that what we eat helps us stay young and that it’s never too late to get back in shape? We at Naturveg agree with you. Nutrition doesn’t only nourish the body and keeps it healthy, but also helps us to have an awake and active mind.

Maybe you consider protein supplements useful only to those who practice sports intensively or to those who want to increase their muscle mass. Things are not exactly like that. Proteins are like our body’s bricks, used throughout every stage of our life, and allow our body to perform even the most basic functions correctly.

The necessity of proteins increases with age because our body reduces the ability to synthesize them. For this reason, if you want to fight the decrease of muscle mass, feel more fit and energized, proteins are strongly recommended for this age group.

Don’t you know which one to choose? No problem, we’ll help you!

The most complete vegan protein supplement on the market: Naturveg® Platinum

Let’s start with our most complete plant protein supplement on the market. Naturveg® Platinum represents the ideal product for those looking for a solution that contains all the advantages of the main plant proteins.

In a single supplement, you will find 7 plant proteins (Pea, Rice, Wheat, Oats, Sesame, Hemp, Lupine and Spirulina), concentrated in a highly digestible formula and free of ingredients potentially dangerous to health, such as GMOs, preservatives, chemical additives or aspartame.

With Naturveg® Platinum, available in a Neutral, Chocolate and Vanilla flavor, you can turn a simple breakfast or an afternoon snack into a tasty break to recharge your body with energy, vitamins and mineral salts. Just add 2 scoops to your favorite vegetable-based milk or fruit beverage.

Taste and energy in one formula: Naturveg® Perfect

If you never tried powder protein supplements and would like to start with a sweet and familiar product, then we recommend the Naturveg® Perfect. Available in Coffee, Chocolate & Coconut, Banana & Strawberry and Vanilla & Hazelnut flavors, this plant protein supplement is one of the most loved of our entire line because of its energy formula rich in taste.

In the Naturveg® Perfect you will find 4 plant protein sources (Rice, Pea, Lupine, and Oats), which will help to give your muscles the energy needed, strengthening the immune system and circulation.

Perhaps you are wondering: will it be heavy to digest? We’ll answer you right away! Thanks to the presence of fibers, the absence of animal origin proteins and preservatives, Naturveg® Perfect is not just highly digestible, but also helps you regularize your intestines and facilitate the absorption of the precious nutrients that your organism needs to function correctly every day.

High quality 100% plant proteins

Rich in vitamins and mineral salts

Suitable for all ages

Without GMOs and aspartame

Original as very few: Naturveg® Original

Someone loves the sweet, and others prefer salty … and someone else a neutral taste! If you also want to free up your creativity in the kitchen and look for a protein supplement to add to your favorite smoothies without affecting too much its taste, then you should choose the Naturveg® Original.

With its 5 plant proteins (Pea, Rice, Wheat, Hemp, and Oats), Naturveg® Original represents the first vegan protein supplement in the history of Naturveg. Its rich formula of nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts, is defined by superior solubility and extremely digestive ease, which makes this product a classic in the Italian market of plant protein supplements.

A fresh and natural aroma makes the Naturveg® Original perfect for any time of day, either added to vegetable milk for an energetic breakfast or to a legume soup for lunch particularly rich of precious plant proteins.

An authentic taste of nature: Naturveg® Green 4

Organic is a passion that includes all ages. If you also believe in the respect for the environment, in the absence of pesticides and chemical additives in foods, and nature at its purest form, then you will love our Naturveg® Green 4.

Its formula made with two plant proteins (Hemp and Pea) from Italian and European certified organic suppliers, guarantees to your body the maximum health that nature can offer: high-quality proteins for muscular tissues and the immune system, combined with a complete amino acid profile for the correct functioning of our body.

Naturveg® Green 4, like all genuinely organic products, has a fresh and natural taste, it’s free of preservatives, added sugars, and chemical additives. With this vegan protein supplement, you’ll be able to supply your body with nature’s pure energy at any time of the day! Last but not least: Naturveg® Green 4 is also suitable for coeliacs!

What is the vegan energy right for you?

Naturveg® Bio

For those like you who love the taste and quality of organic, we have invented Naturveg® Green4: with four organic proteins (Hemp, Rice, Pumpkin and Pea) for a truly natural flavor and energy.

Naturveg® Platinum

The most complete protein on the market with 7 prime quality protein sources. Available in 3 flavors, contains many vitamins and minerals salts for the well-being of your body and muscles.

Naturveg® Perfect

Four plant proteins for four delicious combinations: Naturveg® Perfect is the ideal solution for those who want to recharge tastefully with a product rich in energy, vitamins, and minerals.

Naturveg® Original

An unmistakable neutral aroma and unique formula with 5 plant proteins: Naturveg® Original is the right choice for those who want to recharge with plant proteins while combining them with favorite recipes and drinks.