Rice protein

What are the advantages and differences of the Rice Proteins? Have you ever heard of rice protein? There are numerous benefits in rice protein, such as the fact that it is fantastic for those who are lactose intolerant or who have milk allergies. Rice proteins are an excellent choice to replace whey protein powders, and vital for a balanced diet.

Benefits of rice proteins
-Great for vegans and vegetarians – Those who do not have proteins in their diet and want a basic vegetarian supplement will find this product beneficial. Easy to digest, rice protein is excellent for boosting proteins intake in those who avoid meat and dairy products;
– Great for lactose intolerance – who can’t use milk or dairy products, rice protein is probably the best source of lean proteins and is easy to digest;
– Easy to digest;
– Really light for the intestines and stomach, so people suffering from chronic problems in those areas will appreciate this product;
– Low cholesterol content – While many whey protein powders still contain an important level of cholesterol and sodium, the rice protein is safe and low in these elements, to reduce the negative effects of intake of too much cholesterol;
– Fibers;
– Rice protein also contains fibers, excellent for digestion and the digestive well-being. Rice proteins, once consumed, maintain a constant level of sugar in the blood (glycemia). Because this type of protein is easily absorbed, the body uses rice proteins faster than other types of proteins such as soy and other plant protein sources. This means that when rice protein powder is consumed after a muscle activity, it’ll be used faster to rebuild and repair muscle tissues, significantly improving recovery time.

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