Gorilla Pro Source Original

January has arrived and with him we finally enter the new year: the most popular time for those who love to embark on new challenges, begin to prepare his body for the summer and get in shape after the holidays. But as you know, the first thing you need to do is start from a point: a correct diet to support us in this path of change.

If you want to reach your goal in time and in the right way, you will need to eat foods rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and foods that contain essential amino acids, selenium and antioxidants. This will give your body extra tools to withstand cold temperatures and support your efforts.

Winter certainly does not help: the grey sky, the sunlight for a few hours, the work that becomes more intense. All elements that can affect our mood and make us more depressed and stressed. Don’t be caught unprepared: choose your ally for this beginning of the year!

Thanks to its 5 high quality vegetable proteins, Gorilla Pro source Original® will be at your side to support you in this change of season, giving you the vitality you need to face your working days in the office, the long study sessions at the university or to support your efforts in the gym.

For us Original means a product that is not contaminated by chemical additives, GMO ingredients or industrial sweeteners. Gorilla Pro source Original® is the right vegan protein supplement for your January recipes. Its neutral taste makes it the ideal addition to soups, soups or a tasty hot cup of vegetable milk.

Gorilla Pro source Original® and the advantages of its vegetable proteins

You may be wondering what benefits you can get from taking this natural protein supplement. The answer is simple: benefits for muscles, circulation, skin, sight, mood and even hair. All this is possible thanks to the individual nutritional properties contained in the vegetable proteins that we have chosen to give life to our Gorilla Pro source Original®: Pea protein, Rice protein, Hemp protein, Wheat protein and Oat protein.

The benefits of 5 plant proteins

Unique and impossible to imitate

Without GMOs and chemical additives

for all ages

Pea protein and Rice protein will provide your body with all the essential amino acids it needs, contributing to the well-being of muscles, circulation and metabolism, while Wheat protein and Oat protein will ensure a source of natural energy that can accompany you throughout the day, thanks to the presence of carbohydrates at low digestion.

While hemp protein is known to be one of the most edible, bioavailable and complete proteins of the plant kingdom. From the very beginning you will feel more energy, less fatigue and therefore a much better mood!

Are you wondering how to enjoy all these benefits? Just two scoops (30g) of Gorilla Pro source Original® a day added to a drink or soup to immediately notice all the benefits of this magnificent formula: vigor, vitality and lots of good 100% natural energy!

Do you want to face 2019 in the best possible way, without feeling weak and lacking in energy? Now you know the solution: Gorilla Pro source Original® will help you to enjoy in full shape in the first month of the year, the most important one!

What vegan energy is right for you?

Gorilla Pro Source® Original

An unmistakable neutral aroma and unique formula with five plant proteins: Gorilla Pro source Original® is the right choice for those who want to recharge with plant proteins while combining them with favorite recipes and drinks.

Gorilla Pro Source® Platinum

The most complete protein on the market with seven prime quality protein sources. Available in 3 flavors, and many vitamins and minerals salts for the well-being of your body and muscles.

Gorilla Pro Source® Perfect

Four plant proteins for four delicious combinations: Gorilla Pro source Perfect® is the ideal solution for those who want to recharge tastefully with a product rich in energy, vitamins, and minerals.

Gorilla Pro Source® Bio

For those like you who love the taste and quality of organic products, we invented Gorilla Pro Source Bio®: two biological proteins (Hemp and Pea) for a truly natural flavor and energy.