Help Me – Energy Mineral Salts Supplement

Help Me – Energy Mineral Salts Supplement

Help Me our supplement of mineral salts in addition to Magnesium and Potassium, contains Taurine and dried extracts of herbs ( TheVite Rossa is famous for its content in flavonoids, molecules with antioxidant potential that have been associated with the reduction of bad cholesterol, the relaxation of blood vessels and the reduction of the risk of coronary heart disease; Rhodiola rosea,is considered the most complete adaptogenic plant, able to increase fatigue resistance and to normalize the functions of the body in the presence of physical and mental stress.) which make it a unique product on the market flavored orange sweetened with stevia.


With rising temperatures and intense physical activity, do you experience some symptoms that suggest a lack of mineral salts? Do you feel tired muscles, fatigue and exhaustion, both physical and mental, have muscle cramps or joint disorders, frequent headaches, increased stress or are your immune defences weaker? The need for magnesium and potassium, in fact, increases if these minerals are lost in greater quantities due to abundant sweating.
Magnesium and potassium are fundamental trace elements in supporting some physiological processes, often the deficiency affects both. However, between the two, magnesium is the main one, since potassium deficiency can be linked to magnesium deficiency.
Magnesium is important for the health of bones and muscles, which is essential for the well-being of women. In particular:

    intervenes in the processes of nervous communication and regulates the balance to avoid states of irritability, fatigue and nervousness;

    coordinates muscle contraction, which is why muscle cramps are present among the deficiency symptoms;

    is involved in glucose metabolism and blood pressure regulation;

  • maintains the physiological levels of potassium and calcium;

  • promotes the assimilation of vitamins (D, group B, C, E);

  • has a role in immune defences, intervening in the protein synthesis of antibodies;

  • lowers the body’s acidosis and promotes the elimination of acid waste, due to weight gain, water retention and inflammation;

  • in the intestine improves digestive processes and peristalsis, with mild laxative effect.

The role of potassium mainly involves the heart and muscles: it regulates blood pressure and is important for cardiac contractility. Like magnesium, it helps to reduce the sense of fatigue when making an effort.

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