GREEN FORCE is a mix of natural ingredients to give energy and charge to your workout!

Naturveg® is proud to present the exclusive totally vegan pre workout formula, GREEN FORCE, to help you make even more and longer workouts and recover faster:
– Lasting energy
– Better mind-muscle connection
– Additional reps
- better sporting performance
– Sharper focus and superior training experience
– Faster recovery
- no nervousness
– Without chemical additives
– Doping free
– Preservative free
– Unsweetened
– Exact dosage in convenient tablets

GREEN FORCE pre workout is designed to give you the boost needed to improve athletic performance, mental strength and concentration, promoting health and vitality in general. Our carefully selected ingredients are easily and naturally absorbed by the body and will not make you nervous and will not leave you without sleep, as often happens with pre-workouts.
 Perfect synergy between the various elements.

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Creatine is simply the most widely used and tested supplement in the world to improve physical performance and increase muscle mass in athletes (depending on the dosage). Science supports the use of creatine in improving athletic performance during high intensity activities and its use is obviously allowed by the International Olympic Committee, as creatine is not doping but a simple supplement. In addition to improving athletic performance and muscle strength, creatine is taken for creatine deficiency syndromes that affect the brain, aging, bone density, depression, diabetes, tolerance to exercise, osteoarthritis , rheumatoid arthritis and many other pathologies that we hope will never touch us.


Arginine alpha-ketoglutarate is a supplement consisting of the amino acid arginine (elemental component of the protein) and alpha-ketoglurato, a compound that breaks down sugars and amino acids. AAKG is able to significantly increase sports performance by supporting creatine production, improving blood flow and increasing levels of nitric oxide in the blood. Studies show that higher levels of nitric oxide during workouts lead to greater muscle fullness, better performance and more strength and responsiveness.


Beta alanine is a non-essential amino acid, optimal for increasing athletic performance.
- Greater resistance
- Increased strength
- Reduced muscle fatigue
- Faster recovery
Beta alanine increases carnosine concentrations in skeletal muscle, which increases the body’s ability to buffer the production of H + (hydrogen ions) and compensate for the “burning” sensation. The end result is a reduction in fatigue and a significant increase in resistance, with superior performance and gains. When you exercise, H + levels begin to increase, which inevitably leads to a “burning” sensation in the muscle belly. When the burning sensation becomes too painful, the sporting activity ends, regardless of whether or not you achieve your goal, with consequent loss of results. Beta alanine supplementation is therefore essential.


Citrulline is an amino acid found in nature (isolated for the first time in watermelon) which has numerous beneficial health effects, including increased strength and endurance, improved erectile dysfunction and improved heart health. It is a precursor of arginine, which dilates blood vessels and increases blood and oxygen flow throughout the body (works in perfect synergy with AKG arginine with different assimilation times). L-citrulline malate includes a compound called malic acid, which is found in fruit and is involved in the creation of cellular energy. Malic acid amplifies the characteristics of citrulline, increasing its bioavailability to the body, accentuating the benefits on health and exercise.
- Increased production of NO (nitric oxide)
Nitric oxide is the cellular signaling molecule that plays a role in the regulation of blood flow, oxygenation, glucose uptake, muscle power and muscle growth, physiological effects of enormous value for athletes.
- Reduces lactic acid and ammonia
Exercise (anaerobic and aerobic) produces large amounts of urea (the urea cycle is a metabolic cycle that converts nitrogenous waste into urea and eliminates it from the body). The production and removal of urea are essential for the elimination of ammonia and toxic nitrogen metabolites. Unfortunately, intense physical activity causes the production of this toxic substance. Its accumulation can lead to extreme fatigue, reduction of glycogen formation and inhibition of the associated energy cycle. In practice, the more ammonia is present in the blood, the worse is the athletic performance. The metabolic actions of citrulline show anti-fatigue properties, improved performance for athletes, elimination of burning associated with the accumulation of lactic acid, protective effect against acidosis / ammonium poisoning and reduction of the negative effects of ammonia and toxins on the sport activity.
- Increases the recovery of ATP and phosphocreatine (a molecule that acts as an energy accumulator in the brain as well as in the muscles). With citrulline there is an increase in the production of muscular ATP (andenosine triphosphate, the main source of energy within the cell) during exercise and greater recovery of phosphocreatine after exercise.


Mate (Ilex paraguaiensis) is a plant of the regions of South America. Thanks to its caffeine content, mate increases mental energy and the ability to concentrate. Unlike products containing caffeine, mate does not cause the classic and annoying side effects such as headaches, palpitations and nervousness, on the contrary it helps reduce stress and insomnia. The mate has toning and energizing properties, both mentally and physically, therefore suitable for all people who practice sports or intense physical activity. It can give a sense of satiety, useful for those who want to control their body weight and facilitate digestion. Mate improves speed in strength recovery. In addition to fighting fatigue it can help the immune system.


Guarana (Paullinia cupana) is a plant native to the Amazon region that has been used by local tribes for hundreds of years. It is a completely natural remedy to increase energy levels and reduce fatigue, without the tachycardia and nervousness typical of many energizing supplements. Guarana in addition to increasing energy levels, can support greater concentration and readiness, allowing vigorous and prolonged training.


Tropical tree, its fruits (nuts) are rich in caffeine and stimulate the nervous system, improving muscle tone. The kola nut is a natural energy charge, increasing resistance and stimulating the physical subjected to effort. Kola nut is a real revitalizing, useful in convalescence and mental fatigue, or when more attention and memory is needed. Kola nut also helps to control body weight by counteracting the sensation of appetite and promoting good digestion.


Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) contains synephrine, a molecule that helps keep you alert and energetic. An all natural ingredient, very useful to give the maximum in sports performance:
- helps manage mental fatigue
- intervenes in improving physical performance
- improves concentration.
- helps relieve depression
It also favors the use of fats for energy purposes, activating the fat lipolysis process in adipose tissue. Synephrine is a completely safe substance in healthy subjects and taken in the recommended doses has no specific side effect.

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