Are organic products your passion? Do you look just for healthy food of natural origin? Are you against any use of pesticides in agriculture and before anything else read the ingredients list on a label? We think exactly like you! For us at Naturveg, Bio means respect for the environment and the consumer first.

You already know how difficult it is to find quality products at the supermarket and especially on the internet. You are never sure of the provenance and quality of raw materials. Also, you might have found on the shelves BIO products whose list of ingredients, however, did not convince you at all.

Since the beginning, the Naturveg philosophy has always been based on the ethical principles of respect for every form of living being and the environment around us. For this reason, as you can read in these pages, we would like to provide you with more information about our products and the advantages of the raw materials we use.

Thinking of you, we have developed and created a vegan protein supplement branded Bio, with raw materials provided by European and Italian suppliers; raw materials selected among the best in the world, choosing only those that go beyond the strict and severe controls of the European Union and the Italian Ministry of Health.

For us, Bio means what the earth gives us without contamination, respect for the ecosystem in which we live and the health of our customers who, like you, demand only the best and share with us the same view of the world.

The vegan supplement with 100% organic proteins: Naturveg® Green 4

With the Naturveg® Green 4 we are sure to give you a unique, one of a kind vegan protein supplement: a natural product, without additives, preservatives and GMO ingredients. If you are looking for a “clean” source of energy, environment-friendly with a fresh, sugar-free taste, this is the right choice for you.

From 100% organic proteins

Bio quality provided by certified suppliers

Without sugar, honey, and milk

A pure charge of natural energy

The formula of our Naturveg® Green 4 is designed for a daily intake at any time, either in the morning with vegetable milk or a smoothie, or added to a soup or a simple glass of water.

Immediately you will feel the benefits of Hemp and Pea proteins. Two highly digestible organic ingredients, useful for muscles and circulation health, and to supply the body with all the essential amino acids needed. Naturveg® Green 4 is the assurance for physical and mental well-being.

Thanks to this organic and plant supplement, poor of carbohydrates and fats, you won’t have to worry anymore about reaching your daily protein requirements. Just two scoops of 30g per day will be enough to provide your body with an adequate amount of protein.

However, in addition to energy and vitality, this vegan protein supplement will give you more satisfaction! If you are a lover of fresh and natural taste of organic products, you’ll enjoy your beverage with the addition of Naturveg® Green 4, you’ll immediately feel its pure taste, without any chemical aftertaste, just like a home-made product!

Now all you need is to take the last step: try it and let us know your opinion!

What is the vegan energy right for you?

Naturveg® Green 4

For those like you who love the taste and quality of organic products, we invented Naturveg® Green 4: four biological proteins (Hemp, Rice, Pea and Pumpkin) for a truly natural flavor and energy. Click the button to discover more!

Naturveg® Original

An unmistakable neutral aroma and unique formula with 5 plant proteins: Naturveg® Original® is the right choice for those who want to recharge with plant proteins while combining them with favorite recipes and drinks.