Over the last years, many people developed gluten intolerance or some form of sensitivity. Initially, because of the wheat grain modifications. That’s because the most common grain on the market comes from grains rich of gluten, which allow in the intensive industry a more straightforward processing and longer-lasting white flour.

At Naturveg, a company strongly linked to ethical principles, we believe that the right to well-being must be guaranteed to all, which is why we work only with certified European suppliers and with high-quality raw materials. All this to produce vegan protein supplements with 100% natural ingredients, without GMOs, chemical additives and other substances potentially harmful to health.

For this reason, we think about those like you who may have allergies, intolerance or some form of sensitivity to wheat, forced to follow a gluten-free diet. Nevertheless, still don’t want to give up a dose of natural energy and maximum psycho-physical well-being.

Maybe you’ve already done some research. On the market, there are many supplements, also gluten-free, but containing proteins of animal origin (and who knows where they come from!) like aspartame, GMOs and other additives hidden under numerical abbreviations not well specified.

As a company we distant ourselves from these behaviors as part of our philosophy, because respect for the consumer always comes first. With this spirit, we have developed our first gluten-free supplement.

Keeping in constant dialogue with the world of sport and those who follow an active life, we have developed in our research and experiments, a gluten-free protein supplement that could adequately meet the nutritional needs of both the most committed athletes and those seeking energetic support for their daily lives.

Gluten-free vegan protein supplement: Naturveg® Gluten Easy

Intolerance or sensitivity to gluten means having to make sacrifices at the table … however, this does not mean having to renounce to wellness and energy! In everyday life and sport, a healthy body is what sustains you during physical efforts and helps you fight mental stress.

In our vegan Naturveg® Gluten Easy supplement, we created a unique formula that provides essential nutrients for your muscles, vitamins, and minerals for your body and mind. All this makes it a protein supplement suitable for everyday life.

Gluten-free and without chemical additives

Only high-quality plant proteins

Superior solubility and easy to digest

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Naturveg® GLuten Easy

With its four plant proteins (Pea, Rice, Soy and Hemp), your body will receive prime quality proteins to transform into energy and all the essential amino acids useful for different functions: the well-being of the hair, skin, liver, immune and nervous system.

This combination of the Naturveg® Gluten Easy is reinforced by the addition of the Spirulina algae, rich in vitamins (B, A, C, E), mineral salts (calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and selenium), omega-6 and gamma-linoleic acid.

Available in three variations (Neutral, Chocolate and Vanilla), you can take on Naturveg® Gluten Easy at any time of the day, diluted perhaps in your favorite beverage during breakfast or in the afternoon to recharge your efforts.

Poor in fats and carbohydrates, with this gluten-free vegan protein supplement you will find the necessary energy to give 100% every day, without the heaviness or digestive difficulties typical of supplements based on animal proteins. What are you waiting for? Find out more about our Naturveg® Gluten Easy!

What vegan energy is right for you?

Naturveg® Gluten Easy

If you’re intolerant or sensitive to gluten, this 100% vegan protein supplement is the right solution for you. Energize your body and strengthen your muscles.

Naturveg® Green 4

For those like you who love the taste and quality of organic products, we invented Naturveg® Green 4: four biological proteins (Hemp, Rice, Pea and Pumpkins) for a truly natural flavor and energy.