Your daily engagements don’t give you a break? Every evening you come back home exhausted and without strength? Does your active life take much of your time and energy between work, gym, and family? Would you like to keep fit but don’t have time to follow a diet? Don’t worry. We have the solution that can help you in all these cases!

To a woman always on the move, lack of will is not the issue, and yet sometimes you can feel physically and mentally weak. Taking children to school, cooking in the evening for the whole family, a thousand things to do at work, are all things that you can not easily delegate.

The right nutrition can play a central role to feel full of energy and to find the strength to face your daily challenges successfully. Us from Naturveg, have created a line of 100% vegan protein supplements suitable for a woman like you who never stops, with the objective of giving you vitality and the right daily sprint to be always at your best at the gym, home and work.

Female vegan energy: Naturveg® Pink

Naturveg® Pink is the vegan protein supplement designed for women who never stop. Its natural formula is designed to provide your body with all the nutrients that your mind and body need, allowing you to give your best in all context.

Daily stress and hectic life can negatively affect both your performance and the health of muscle tissues, skin and hairs. Taking proteins is the best answer to fight these phenomenas. Thanks to the two plant proteins of Rice and Hemp, contained in the Naturveg® Pink, you’ll guarantee your body a highly digestible source of energy capable of restoring your enthusiasm and vitality.

However, it doesn’t end here! The presence of the Spirulina algae, Swamp Blueberry, CurQfen ™ – Curcumin, Goji’s berries, Papaya – in the Naturveg® Pink will give you that vitamin/mineral mix that you won’t find in other supplements on the market.

Spirulina, other than providing iron and several vitamins (A, E K and B), helps to increase your immune system and improve circulation. The Swamp Blueberry, rich of antioxidant properties, will help the regulation of the intestines and corrects the functionality of the urinary tract. The CurQfen ™ – Curcumin will reduce inflammations and fight free radicals, and it also detoxifies and purifies the body. Finally, the Goji berries and the fermented Papaya acts as a stress reducer, improves mood and protect the functioning of essential organs such as eyes, liver, and kidneys.

Available in chocolate and vanilla flavor, you can take this vegan protein supplement at any time of the day, either in the morning with a smoothie, or in the evening to recover the loss of energy.

Helping you conquer your challenges

Without GMOs and aspartame

Superior solubility and easy to digest

Only 100% natural ingredients

A mix of taste and energy: Naturveg® Perfect®

If you are looking for something tasteful, you can choose one of the four flavors combinations offered by our vegan protein supplement Naturveg® Perfect®: Coffee, Banana & Strawberry, Vanilla & Coconut, Chocolate & Coconut. Only natural flavors and no chemical additives in all these delicious variations!

For us at Naturveg, consumer health always comes first, so we selected 4 proteins of the highest quality (Rice, Pea, Lupine, and Oats) in our Naturveg® Perfect®, to offer you a plant-based protein supplement rich of fibers, proteins, and taste, but low in carbohydrates and fats.

Thanks to the different combinations available, you can recharge with Naturveg® Perfect® at any time of the day. Whether in a delicious vegetable milk-based beverage or as a “dessert” along with a fruit-based smoothie.

The taste of nature and the quality of the organic: Naturveg® Green 4

None of our supplements contains GMO ingredients, chemical additives,
preservatives and other substances potentially dangerous to health. Also, you’ll find something more in our Naturveg® Green 4: a 100% natural blend, obtained from the combination of four plant proteins with biological origin provided by Italian and European suppliers.

Thanks to the characteristics of the two plant proteins contained in the Naturveg® Green 4 (Pea and Hemp), you’ll guarantee your muscles the right nourishment, strength to the immune system and supply your body with prime quality fibers, essential amino acids, and fats acids, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

One additional peculiarity of the Naturveg® Green 4, other than its high digestibility, is undoubtedly its natural and fresh taste, which makes it a perfect vegan supplement for any meal of the day.

Naturveg® Slim: 100% natural vegan replacement meal.

If your goal is to get back in shape after a particularly stressful period in which you’ve eaten exaggeratedly, or you can’t get rid of the post-holiday heaviness or had a “too free” diet, you can try our Naturveg® Slim, a vegan replacement meal designed specifically for you to get back in shape quickly.

Naturveg® Slim is a 100% plant formula developed after years of tests and researches aiming to facilitate your journey of weight loss and shape control. Contrary to other supplements, this vegan replacement meal contains a balanced mix of essential nutritional substances that will allow you to satisfy your hunger and replace one or more daily meals.

How is it made? There’s nothing more natural! Naturveg® Slim is the result of the combination of two plant proteins (Rice and Pea), Medium Chain Triglycerides, Maltodextrin, Vitamins & Minerals. This way, you’ll guarantee the right caloric intake and the adequate dose of nutrients that your body can quickly transform into pure energy to be used during the day, without the risk of increasing body fat and experiencing that bad feeling of tiredness that comes with many diet products.

Minimize body fat with the Burn Max vegan fat burner.

You can’t deal with your body fat anymore, and not even the gym can give you a well-defined body? Try an alternative solution: the vegan fat burner BURN MAX, free of irritants and stimulating substances like pepper, chili, and coffee, is the ideal supplement to reduce your body fat without unpleasant side effects.

The BURN MAX vegan fat burner is a unique formula of 7 natural plant ingredients designed to get rid of excess fat, allowing you to control your appetite and even improve your mood.

How? Thanks to the combination of White Willow, Ginger, Schisandra, Bitter Orange, Garcinia Cambogia, Curcuma, and Forskolin. All ingredients with specific nutritional characteristics able to burn excess fat, optimize serotonin levels (hormones mood) and help the intestines and liver health.

What is the vegan energy right for you?

Naturveg® Pink

Naturveg® Pink is the ideal solution to face your engagements with maximum energy, thanks to its unique formula rich in prime quality proteins, vitamins, and mineral salts.

Naturveg® Slim

If you want to lose some extra pounds or keep your weight under control, you’ll be able to replace your meals in a healthy, natural and complete way with Naturveg® Slim. Click the button to discover more.

Naturveg® Green 4

For those like you who love the taste and quality of organic products, we invented Naturveg® Green 4: four biological proteins (Hemp, Rice, Pea and Pumpkin) for a truly natural flavor and energy.

Naturveg® Perfect

Four plant proteins for four delicious combinations: Naturveg® Perfect® is the ideal solution for those who want to recharge tastefully with a product rich in energy, vitamins, and minerals.

BURN MAX - Bruciagrassi Vegan

Define your body with this vegan fat burner with 7 natural plant ingredients, free of irritants and stimulants containing caffeine, pepper, and chili. Click the button to discover more.