Do school, university and sports take all of your time and energy? Would you like to always be at 100% on every occasion to do your best in studies and in sport? How do you do that? There is nothing simpler: a proper nutrition and the right daily protein intake is the solution you have been looking for!

Maybe you’re wondering: what do I need protein for? And why should I take those plants based instead of animal ones? Proteins are like our “body’s bricks”, contributing to the well-being of our muscles and the proper functioning of our body. Taking quality protein with a complete amino acid spectrum means having more fuel and therefore less feeling of tiredness and more energy for your daily activities.

Plant proteins are better than animal ones in many ways: lower risk of diabetes, it counteracts the bad cells at the origin of tumors, greater benefit for the heart and circulation, digestive ease, respect for the environment and life in all of its aspects, etc. Well, there are too many advantages to count!

If you don’t know which plant protein supplement suits you, don’t worry, we’ve selected four products with different characteristics for you. You just have to choose the one that suits your lifestyle.

Do you know the taste of energy? Naturveg® Perfect

For the youngest we have created a “perfect” protein supplement for every occasion of the day: Naturveg® Perfect! Thanks to the combinations of four flavors (Banana & Strawberry, Vanilla & Hazelnut, Chocolate & Coconut and Coffee) you can turn your breakfasts and breaks into tasty moments of pure natural energy.

How to take it? Just add two scoops (30g) of product in your favorite beverage or in a fruit or vegetable milk smoothies, shake it and taste it! From the very beginning, your body will feel all the benefits of this supplement rich in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts.

Whether you are studying, working or having intense workout, with Naturveg® Perfect and its four high quality plant proteins (Pea, Rice, Lupine and Oats) you’ll provide your body with all the strength necessary to your muscles and mind to always be able to give your best without the need of taking products rich of chemical additives, preservatives or GMO ingredients.

Simply the most complete on the market: Naturveg® Platinum

If you like to always give your best in every situation and choose only the best products for you, then we have to recommend the most complete plant protein supplement on the market: Naturveg® Platinum. With its 7 vegan proteins (Rice, Hemp, Pea, Wheat, Oats, Lupine and Spirulina) you’ll be able to supply your body with all the incredible benefits of what are considered the most important protein sources of the plant world.

Other than nourishing your body with prime quality proteins, with Naturveg® Platinum you’ll also intake vitamins (Group B, D, E, K), mineral salts (Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Zinc, Copper, Magnesium), Chromium, Selenium), omega-3 and omega-6. All nutrients very useful for the immune system, circulation, skin, hair and, of course, the vitality of your cognitive functions.

Available in Neutral, Chocolate and Vanilla flavors, Naturveg® Platinum will be your ideal companion before starting your studies, work and training sessions, or as a supplement to recover from particularly intense days.

High quality 100% plant proteins

Complete amino acid spectrum

Superior solubility and easy to digest

Without GMOs and preservatives

Is organic your passion? Try Naturveg® Green 4

Do you know the importance of respecting the environment? Are you a lover of organic and its natural taste? Then it’s time to introduce you to our vegan protein supplement with organic raw materials from Italian and European suppliers: Naturveg® Green 4.

Free of chemical additives, food coloring agents, preservatives, sweeteners and GMO ingredients, all you need is two scoops of Naturveg® Green 4 added to your favorite beverage to taste real nature’s flavor and recharge in a simple and pure way.

Our Naturveg® Green 4 is made exclusively with four isolated organic proteins, pea, rice, pumpkins and hemp. Four ingredients known for their nutritional properties and are rich in vitamins and mineral salts. While pea protein will help you to protect and strengthen muscle tissues, the hemp protein will protect your circulation, supplying your body with essential amino acids and essential fat acids like Omega-3 and Omega 6.

Your muscles best ally: Naturveg® Sport

If you are looking for a product to improve your sports performance and increase your muscle mass, your choice should lean on our vegan protein supplement, specifically designed for this purpose.

With Naturveg® Sport you’ll have 4 plant proteins available in a single formula (Rice, Pea, Hemp and Spirulina), plus BCAA, Glutamine peptide, Magnesium, Zinc, Group B Vitamins and OXXINEA (Biophenols / Orac). All this is 100% vegan.

Unlike traditional milk protein supplements, this vegan one will be able to nourish your muscles without weighing down your liver and kidneys, leaving you with a fresh breath and a completely natural body assimilation.

You can take on Naturveg® Sport both for a pre and post workout phase, in any case you found a trusted ally always able to help you give your best during training sessions. What are you waiting for? Try it and let us know how you feel about it!

What is the vegan energy right for you?

Naturveg® Sport

By definition, the vegan protein supplement for athletes. Complete with BCAA, 4 plant proteins, glutamine peptide, Magnesium, Zinc, Group B Vitamins and OXXINEA.

Naturveg® Platinum

The most complete protein on the market with 7 prime quality protein sources. Available in 3 flavors, and many vitamins and minerals salts for the well-being of your body and muscles.

Naturveg® Perfect

Four plant proteins for four tasteful combinations: Naturveg® Perfect is the ideal solution for those who want to recharge tastefully with a product rich in energy, vitamins and minerals.

Naturveg® Original

An unmistakable neutral aroma and a unique formula with 5 plant proteins: Naturveg® Original is the right choice for those who want to recharge with plant proteins, while combining them with favorite recipes and drinks.