What are the benefits of the vegan diet?

The vegan diet is certainly one of the most important food regimes in recent decades. The benefits of the vegan diet are now known in the medical and scientific fields, as millions of people follow a healthy life without food of animal origin.

Healthy and happy: the benefits of vegan nutrition

Numerous scientific studies have shown that a healthy vegan diet offers considerable advantages compared to diets including meat and other foods of animal origin. The benefits come mainly from lower consumption of saturated fats, cholesterol and animal proteins, as well as from an increased intake of complex carbohydrates, dietary fibers, magnesium, folic acid, vitamin C and E, carotenoids and other phytochemicals.

However, in some sectors of public opinion, there is still a false belief that a vegan diet is not suitable for humans. Because the exclusion of meat and products derived from animals, it’s deficient in many nutrients, such as proteins, iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin B12 and A. In other words, some say that the vegan diet is unsustainable by the human organism, the advantages are less than the disadvantages, it’s just the latest fashion and vegans are unhappy and devoid of energy. So how come there are millions of perfectly healthy vegans in the world, and more and more people decide to follow this diet?

The answer is simple. The nutritional deficiencies of a vegan choice emerge just for a reason no different from other problems that can occur even in omnivorous or vegetarian diets, as well as a poor food planning. The correct intake of all the necessary nutrients for a healthy life, even through the intake of vegan supplements specifically studied, is the first step to embrace this ethical and healthy choice with intelligence.

The five major benefits attributed to a vegan diet are the following:
– Better health conditions;
– Less stress;
– Reduced possibility of food poisoning;
– Reduced environmental impact;
– No animal suffering;

The benefits of the vegan diet for humans

Who is a vegan diet for?

A well-balanced vegan diet is suitable for any stage of life, including childhood, adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding, as well as in the elderly and professional athletes. In many cases, vegan diets help in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases particularly common in contemporary societies, such as cardiovascular disorders, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, and arthritis.

A complete plant nutrition provides to our body a greater quantity of fibers, antioxidants, and vitamins, which, if taken in the correct proportions, help us to fight the sense of fatigue, free radicals and stress.

As reported by a study of the National Institute of Health of the United States, it takes only two weeks of a vegan diet to record a significant stress reduction. This improvement seems to be due to the absence of the arachidonic acid in the vegan diet, present in meat and cow’s milk, responsible for brain inflammation, depression, anxiety, and stress. In other words, it has been demonstrated that those who made a vegan choice, has also become happier!

Furthermore, the positive effects of quality sleep and body weight should not be neglected.
A vegan diet protects us (almost always) from food poisoning because it works as a defense against bacterial diseases that may come from inadequate methods of breeding, slaughtering and preserving meat, that come from both land and sea species. Bacteria, antibiotics, and toxins can also contaminate products coming from intensive breedings. Not to mention the extensive use of hormones used to raise animals.

Those who take food of animal origin accumulate these harmful elements in the body, which could cause over the years a higher resistance to antibiotics, metabolism damage, inflammation, and tumors.

Those who want to adopt a vegan diet must pay attention in any case to the origin and quality of raw materials, to avoid taking products treated with insecticides and pesticides often prohibited by the European Union. This is why, at Naturveg, we buy raw materials for our supplements only from Italian and European suppliers who possesses all the necessary certifications.

The reasons behind a vegan diet, are not just a matter of general health, but it also includes other economic, ecological and social aspects. When evaluating all these aspects, the vegan choice is undoubtedly the most suitable diet for a sustainable lifestyle for yourself and others.

The vegan diet benefits for the environment and animals

The second most common criticism towards the vegan diet after the nutritional deficiencies one is to not take into consideration the hectares of land used in agriculture for the production of legumes, especially soy. It is enough to take a very simple data to break down this position and show that a vegan diet is most sustainable from an ecological point of view.

According to FAO, more than 60 billion animals are slaughtered every year from the food industry, of which more than 7.5 billion in the European Union alone. These statistics, also exclude the incredible number of fish and other aquatic species, fished or raised every year.

The number of animals killed every year grows vertiginously, because of the constant population growth. It is no coincidence that the media are increasingly talking about the need to start eating insects also in the western world. As if there wasn’t an alternative to the consumption of other living beings.

Raising billions of animals every year requires the use of a surprising amount of natural resources, which includes a devastating consumption of both soils, for the production of livestock forage, and water reserves. As reported by The Guardian, to produce a kilogram of beef, are needed more than 15,000 liters of water, which means almost 8 times of more water needed to produce one kilogram of rice. All of this while almost a billion people have difficulty accessing drinkable water.


The benefits of a vegan lifestyle, as we have seen, doesn’t end just in the sphere of personal health, but also have positive repercussions on the environment that surrounds us and on all living beings.

The important thing is to follow a vegan diet intake of all the necessary nutrients and the right amount of proteins to face everyday challenges with the right charge of energy.

Like choosing as an ally vegan protein supplements, without chemical additives, preservatives, GMOs and sweeteners, obtained from raw materials of the highest quality: peas, rice, wheat, oats, hemp, lupine, spirulina. By choosing Naturveg products, you will be guaranteed to choose an ethical company, Made in Italy and of course 100% Vegan.

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