“We believe in the development of new products, which is the result of research providing the best benefit for the lowest possible cost, for the consumer’s health and pocket, the environment, and future generations.”

Marco e Mauro – Naturveg CEOs

Our history

Dedicated since 2012

Our company was born in 2012. It began with a challenge between two friends, one an athlete/entrepreneur and a vegan expert, who decided to invest their energy in a mission they truly believed in: the creation of a modern, efficient, natural, vegan line of supplements.

Our Stance


Based on scientific research we developed a line of vegan products that entrust their improved energetic efficiency to the use of plant proteins, instead of animal ones.

Our supplements don’t have negative effects on health: they are highly digestible and don’t contain any toxic substance, or any additional excipients.


Our activities are based ona solid ethic framework that guides our business and life vision; because of this reason, we entrust the Ethic Bank to manage our transactions.


Our challenge is to spread a modern and efficient product, based on plant proteins. This represents a breaking point from traditional food supplements, intended for everyone. For daily use and sports.


La nostra attività è inquadrata in una solida cornice etica che guida la nostra visione di business e di vita; per questo motivo ci affidiamo a Banca Etica per gestire le nostre transazioni.


La nostra sfida consiste nel diffondere un prodotto moderno ed efficace, basato sull’utilizzo delle proteine vegetali, che rappresenta un punto di rottura con la tradizione degli integratori alimentari, per la vita quotidiana e per lo sport.


No living being deserves to suffer especially with the existence of valid options, to the current nutritional system. We at Naturveg, are determined to move forward in this direction.


Behind our products, you’ll find the work of our motivated team determined to give the best to our clients. Passion is the ingredient that always makes a difference.


The health of the consumer is always our priority. Because of this reason we continuously run surveys to verify our customer satisfaction.


Our vegan supplements guarantee efficiency and attention to the health of our consumers and the environment, and these are necessary factors for any good product.


Il benessere del consumatore per noi è sempre al centro. Per questo effettuiamo costantemente dei sondaggi per verificare la soddisfazione dei nostri clienti.


I nostri integratori vegan sono una garanzia di efficienza e attenzione per la salute del consumatore e dell’ambiente, fattori che reputiamo indispensabili in un buon prodotto.

Which is the perfect supplement for you?

Regardless of your profile, from the athlete to a student, a dynamic woman to those following a gluten-free diet, we’ve created a plant supplement for your needs.

Choose the protein solution for you.

What people say about us?

The opinion of those who know our product is the best way to measure the quality of what we do. Prompting us to dedicate ourselves towards our commitment to respect animals, the environment and physical health.